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Crab Meadow

Access: Spring, Summer, Winter -- exercise consideration and avoid restaurant parking. Best w/s parking to East of lot.

Summer: residents only

One of the North Shore's best windsurfing sites -- excellent sandbar wave conditions in a NE. Popular spot in hurricane winds. The launch also works in a NW, but is seldom sailed in NW winds since there is a river mouth to the east, deeper water offshore and West Meadow, across the bay works much better. North also works but is tricky since North is almost directly onshore


Hazards: metal jetty/groyne to the west -- nasty. Rocks to the west.





Carl "hamsterizes" for crabby patties
Photo by Jeff Tanenbaum
, Hurricane Isabel 2003
More pix at Jeff Tanenbaum's site Beach Iconography      
Dynamic Topography 5    
Level 4    
Fish Factor 3    
Launch Level 4    
map (topographic)
Aerial map: see below