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The Bowl

What I call the hole or the bowl is Shinnecock Inlet's west side. You go over the bridge to the ocean beaches and hang a left and drive to the end. You launch by the jetty. SE to NE can be classic. Ideally you want E - NE with a good ground swell can make for some clean down the line sailing. Depending on dredging, there can be nice sand bar where the waves break cleanly about 3/4's the way out the length of the jetty. Outside is the inlet tidal rip which one normally stays out of. Supposedly a lady sailor was circled by a hammerhead shark here. There is invariably more wind here on these directions that you will find at Fire Island. It is an interesting place to sail and very different set up from Democrat Point.
-- Stan the Man 

Mapquest map

Mapquest Map Beach Iconography      
Dynamic Topography 5    
Potential Difficulty 5    
Fish Factor 5    
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Photo courtesy First Coastal Corp., Westhampton Beach, NY, and L.I.shore.org