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Cedar Beach
Cedar is possibly the prime wavesailing destination on Western Long Island, but it's not a venue to be attempted by other than experienced, advanced sailors. The tidal inlet, swirling currents and boat traffic boost this to a 5 out of 5 rating. (Any higher rating and you are on Hawaii, The West Coast, or Shinnecock Inlet) A familiarity with tidal effects and current conditions is essential. Obviously not the place to sail alone unless you are a highly seasoned ocean sailor, with a strong confidence in self-rescue.




rider: MikedaBaker, photo Ely Spivacks

{Summer entrace fee:

Showers in season
Beach shuttle, in season
Musical events in season

And a long hike to the beach!}

  Beach Iconography      
Dynamic Topography 5    
Level 4    
Fish Factor 5    
Launch Level 5