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Sunken Meadow

Recently opened to windsurfers on an experimental basis, this site is not a wise choice for beginners early intermediates, and those not willing to negotiate many obstacles to the wind quest. It's main value appears to be as an alternative to West Meadow, and Crab Meadow for advanced intermediates to expert sailors, when the other beaches are inaccessible in the summer season.

The current windsurfing area is frequented by many fishermen (and therefore sharp hooks). The beach is steeply shelving and so is not suited to beginners at any stage of tide. The chop is similar to Stehli on a NW, and swell similar to Crab meadow on a NE. A friendly State Park Policeman alerted us to the presence of more submerged rocks to the NW.

A rock jetty to the east means pointing ability is absolutely essential after launching in a NW breeze-there is no margin of error for intermediates. (unless , of course, you would like to walk more than you already did to get here.)

There does appear to be a promising sandbar (including rocks?) to the NW, which could mean big fun and ripped out finboxes, in a NE. The best launch in a NE appears to be on the inside of the rock jetty.

There is a rumor that Field 3 will be open to windsurfers after mid September and this spot could be year-round. (Can't evaluate field 3 prospects at this time.)

Wind-wise this location seems to be plagued by the same "North winds no-touchdown here" phenomenon that plague many North Shore beaches face in warm weather.

The parking area to the West closest to the windsurfing permitted launch zone was closed. This means the walk with gear to the beach is extremely long with all your gear, and if you need to rerig, warm-up or need something in your car, well good luck!

The staff were friendly and relaxed - and we managed negotiate temporary permission to drop off gear etc. rig and then drive back & park in the main area, then walk back to the beach.) But there is no guarantee that that privilege will be available in the future.

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Sunken Meadow State Park
Copyright: New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation-New York State Parks Courtesy of New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
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