"Believe it or not.....a true story

Wednesday, March 29, 2000.......looked windy when I woke up...........decided to go windsurfing... felt like checking out the ocean to see if it would allow me to enter.so I strap my board and mast to the top of my van and head off.

As I was heading south, approaching the Loop Parkway bridge I noticed white caps on the bay, a good sign. I decided to put two hands on the wheel to get ready for the west wind blast when I passed over the bridge. So I'm going around sixty miles per hour and I get hit with about a thirty mile per hour gust. I hear a "boing" and "rumble" and a "loud smack"..........."What the hell was that?"

"Oh shit!" I realize I recognize the sound of a bungee cord releasing it's grip on the roof rack.out of the corner of my eye I see my mast dangling from the side of the van held only by the rear strap. I immediatly pull over and run around the side of the van, the mast had only been dragged on the pavement for a short while and did'nt seem too damaged. As I picked up the end of the mast to put it back on the roof rack my jaw dropped!




Believe it or not...


I got a sick feeling in my stomach.I had to look again to make sure........... "My board's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I look back down the parkway I don't see anything. I scream, "where the f#*k is my board?" I start running down the parkway frantic and searching the perimeter. I get back in the van and back up to the bridge. I park and start running around searching. It can't be too hard to find--the board is yellow for cryin out loud! Maybe it went over to the other side? If it did, I'll probably only find pieces. The prospects of finding my board intact were grim. Finally I see a speck of yellow...across the parkway on the northbound side of the bridge. Peering across the bridge it looks like the nose end of my board is jammed into the guard rail. I look around for other pieces of my board and shrapnel. I see nothing. I wait for traffic to clear and run across the bridge. I have to jump the concrete divider. when I finally get to the board I am surpised to see that it appears to be in one piece. At first I didnŐt want to touch the board as it was precariously balanced in the guard rail with most of the board hanging over the water! I briefly contemplate taking a picture because no one would belive this and to describe the position the board is in would be terribly difficult.

Let me try to explain: picture the middle of the bridge, right hand lane north bound side. The guard rail has a top rail and middle rail. The board was hanging off the end off the bridge with the nose see-sawed between the top and middle rail. The nose was facing west, the tail was facing east, and was hanging over the water. It was deck side up.

How it got there i'll never know! I am very gratefull that it did'nt kill or mame anyone. It must have been traveling around 70 m.p.h.! Now here's the wierd part. I pull the board out of the railing and turn it over fully expecting the fin box to be ripped out or a gaping hole or some kind of damage. It is relatively un-damaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only find a small scratch on the bottom!!!!!!!! I start yelling at the top of my lungs"holy f*#king shit,I can't f*#king believe it."

I put the board "inside" my van and continue on towards Gilgo beach. What are the odds of that? Can you believe it? When I get to Gilgo it was victory at sea conditions. No one at the beach, I had a funny feeling about going in alone so I headed to Cedar......no one. Got to Town of Islip beach and was getting sand blasted! 4.2 conditions rapidly increased to 3.7 conditions. Got a few nice jumps in, warmish water, no gloves. Can you freaking believe it? Do good to others and good things will happen to you, is that how karma works? Words to live by!........Adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Mikedabaker