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Paddle Out

It was grrrreat!

Well, my guess is that barbecues and fun are goin on into the night, and Chuck and Jeff and Co are not yet home. The paddle out was simply put, something else. About 75 men, women, boys, girls -- and one bloke on a chair perched atop two surfboards strapped together -- paddled out to link hands in a large aloha circle, in the name of a ocean policy that would promote clean water and healthy seas -- and for a moment of silence and thought for those lost on 9/11 -- all in the glistening smoothness of the ocean outside the main lineup. . . while a sweet long period swell rolled under us. The whole thing was witnessed by a huge crowd of happy-go-lucky beachgoers, some of whom I spoke to were taken by the happening. The aloha circle broke up after a short speech and a communal cheer. And the whole group did it's best to paddle into one large party wave toghether. The wave was a good one and a whole lot of boards were seen flying in the air right after it broke, but to no ill effect. Clean long lines were the order of the day, and somehow despite the throng (rhymes with thong, but that's another story) there seems to be enough for everyone. Thanks CLI chapter, that made my week, day, month, maybe my summer, it was great to be out there with everyone.


Law of the Sea Treaty update

"How's this for a once-in-a-blue-moon scenario? Six major environmental groups endorse a sweeping international treaty strongly supported by the American Petroleum Institute and other industry groups."

What's behind the stalling and scaremongering on the Law of the Sea Treaty?


Andy Funnell missing after jetski mishap


"PWA tour windsurfer Andy Funnell presumed missing after jetski mishap."

tragic news ( Boards magazine)


Sea Protection Costs Less Than Fish Subsidies

more . . .

By Ed Stoddard
Protecting the world's oceans will cost governments far less than the amount they spend on subsidies for fishing fleets and will lead to bigger catches in the long run, according to a new study . . . that a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) covering 30 percent of Earth's oceans would cost $12-14 billion annually. It says this falls far short of the $15-30 billion already spent each year on subsidies to commercial fisheries, which environmentalists say encourages overfishing.

Welcome Long Island's newest surfrider chapter!

Surfrider CLI yahoo discussion and messaging group


Long Beach Elections and ACOE:

Overheard on the NewYorkSurf.com community bulletin board

"Actually gidget -- having these 3 republicans on City Council is LB is the GREATEST thing we could have right now. 2 out of them have committed AGAINST the ACOE project to the beach!!!! (I'm not 100% how Mona is on this whole deal.) Kelly verbally supported on Monday the Republican ticket b/c he too is against the plan.
. . . Remember -- in local politics, parties don't mean the same as in state and fed governments.



Long Beach Herald

Long Beach Surf Breaks under threat:




Erosion Closes Part of Robert Moses Beach

Severe erosion has made dramatic alterations to RM5 .
Large sections of the beach west of the concession bldg have been washed away, in some places back to the fences.

For more info check Newsday.




Marc Lefebvre reports that in Mike's new video all the latest moves are broken down into easy to learn sections to help aspiring Vulcan flippers learn the latest and greatest moves from the top pros. If YOU participated in the event, YOU ARE in the video. Its a video hat trick; an event video, an instructional video, and a freestyle action video all in one.

To order please send $30.00 plus $4.95 shipping/handling to:
Michael Burns Video Productions Inc.
30 Jericho Tpke. #101
Commack, NY 11769
Or you can email: mewindsurf@aol.com for more details...



Watch your gear at C.I.B! and other Bayville spots. Dana and Stan have both recently had boards and equipment stolen from this local site. Anyone with information about this crime should report it to the Bayville Police Dept.

*** Take Action to Protect California Beaches from Seawalls Please take action now (by Aug. 30th) to help protect California's incredible beaches from destructive seawalls. Go to our "Action Alert" web page where you can send a free fax in support of California Assembly Bill 2943. This bill will amend the California Coastal Act to protect our beaches and beach access from beach-destroying seawalls. The Action Alert page is at http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/ca_beach_now with more info at http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/ca_beach_now/explanation



*** Largest Ocean Sewage Dumper in USA Votes to Treat Sewage to Secondary Level From Surfrider's Press Release of July 18: "Nearly ten years of effort on behalf of the Surfrider Foundation culminated late Wednesday night, with a narrow 13 to 12 vote by the Orange County Sanitation District Board to discontinue operating under the controversial 301(h) waiver, which has allowed them to discharge partially treated sewage into the channel off Huntington Beach for nearly 20 years. The Board's vote clears the way for the agency to initiate full secondary treatment of sewage before reaching the ocean, as mandated in the 1972 federal Clean Water Act." This represents a huge victory for Surfrider and for clean water at our beaches. Read the entire Surfrider press release at http://beach.com/surfrider/press_releases_index.asp

*** Surfrider's Working to Protect Very Special Coastal Places Surfrider's Position Statement on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) states that, "Surfrider believes that some areas of our ocean should be set aside for full protection where fishing and the removing or disturbing of living and nonliving material is prohibited. Fully protected marine reserves can allow low-impact non-extractive recreational activities such as diving and surfing while providing opportunities for research and education. These activities still allow protection of the coastal and ocean environment's ecological integrity." Read more in the new Surfrider web section launching Aug. 2 entitled "Special Places" at http://surfrider.org/specialplaces

*** National Academy of Sciences Calls for Independent Review of All Army Corps Projects Efforts are growing to reform the enormously wasteful and environment damaging Army Corps of Engineers. Congress recently asked the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences to examine the Army Corps procedures. The study of the Army Corps is now completed and, among other things, the National Research Council recommends independent, third-party review of all controversial or potentially environment damaging projects that the Army Corps propose. This is a badly needed first step in meaningful reform of the Army Corps, who have been responsible for countless destructive and wasteful projects in our coastal watersheds. More info at http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/17059/story.htm

Mike Burns harvests heads in the King of the Cape

the venerable windsurfingmailing list recently talked about Southhampton's own Jace Panebianco and his crew, but gave no details on the fate of Iron Mike Burns in the Spock-spraying, Willy skippering, Wymaroo-wrangling contest known as KOTC (King of the Cape). Yup round these parts, some folk don't much care about what happened on some Italian lake -- the World Freestyle Champ in this longitude is often regarded as whomever is the KOTC.

This year reigning men's Amateur Champ Mike Burns was bumped up a whole division to play with the big boys in the Pro segment, and was looking at a possible drubbing at the hands of the PWA's jet-setting titans of tweak. But wait.

The results are in and Iron Mike, our intrepid Sultan of Vulcan, has begun his sojourn in Proville by pocketing the scalps of more than a few of the aforementioned Lotharios of loop.

Surely we are over the top in our account of the situation, but one look at the names on this list tells the story. The Mike was looking back down the leader board at the likes of


Personal watercraft banned
within the boundaries of Fire Island National Seashore (New York) effective immediately. For more details head over to Newsday.

The park's southern boundary extends 1000 feet into the Atlantic ocean, and 1.5 miles into the Great South Bay. The park, it was said, will emphasize education this summer over punishment -- the first time offense fine would be $50.

Press Release
"A man dashing across a lake
on a customized personal watercraft at about 55 mph was killed in an apparent collision with a flying duck." for the complete story see the AP thread http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGAVBQFT9UC.html

Not funny. I guess no matter what watercraft you are riding - remember the top speed a windsurfer has been clocked at runs about 55 mph!!


Letter from Rich Ressman (Cast-off windsurfing equipment needed for new junior windsurfing program in Chicago) I am an orthopaedic surgeon who will be giving up my practice next June 2002 to volunteer and start a windsurfing program at the Junior Lifeguard Program at Leone Beach, Chicago (Touhy Avenue and the Lake). I attended Touhy Beach as a boy and recollections only bring back fond memories.

The program involved rowing, sailing, waterskiing, canoeing, scuba, swimming, softball, football, basketball, horseshoes and other outdoor sports. For me, most days started at 8 A.M. and I didn't get home until 9 P.M. The program was run for many years by the late Sam Leone, and many attendees considered him a second father. The program starting June 2002 is sponsored by the Chicago Park District.

We expect to have up to 30 boys and girls ages 11 to 16 involved in the windsurfing program, and we are looking for donations of long boards and rigs. Donations would be to the Chicago Park District, so they are tax deductible and receipts will be provided. Please contact Richard Ressman by e-mail at photosurgeon@enteract.com or by telephone at 312 222-1023. Thank you, Rich Ressman

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: Renee Linskens will be attending the Islamorada Pro Am Nov. 8-11 at the Moorings Village. Anyone with sails, rigs, booms, masts, mast bases, extensions, buoys, or harnesses they no longer use could bring them to the Pro Am for Renee to take north to Chicago. Wheelspray@att.net


All the Western LI windsurfers who worked on Wall St. are safe as far as we know. Brook was uptown at a meeting, Rich saw the second plane hit the tower and ran all the way to 14th St., (he's a runner!). I was in the subway near the WTC at the time, and met eyewinesses to the second plane hit, and managed to get the first train going back in the other direction before the subways were shut down. I don't know the surfing community as well, as I do their windy brethren, but I would remember anyone of their number here if Ireceive any messages.

We live and never forget.





Rescue Workers

Red Cross

Those we have lost but not forgotten.


8/29/01 - This just in from Drysuit2

Responding to fresh reports of West Nile Virus-infected mosquitoes, state health officials yesterday closed Heckscher State Park to campers and limited public use of the park to daylight hours only. John Baugh a notable expert in the field of Mosquito borne diseases, and avid windsurfer himself was turned away at 5:30 PM one evening as he attempted apost-work sesh. The recommendation to limit park use was made by Suffolk County health officials after confirmation that two mosquito samples taken in the park Aug. 15 tested positive for the virus.

8/15/01 -- Robbery Moses Park?

this just in from the Mustang:

"Hey guys. Listen up, or this could happen to you. It seems that some punk ass is hanging around Robert Moses 5. He drives a silver Ford Focus hatch with a dented front drivers side fender. What this prick does is watch SURFERS hide their keys under their cars. Then this punk takes the key, opens the car, robs it, takes your credit cards, and puts the key back where he has found it so that you don't notice right away. Besides taking any valuables from your car, he immediately max's out your credit cards. A local from RM5 (the guy from this spring with the green board and the baggy drysuit who was pig-doging sick barrels) said he saw the thief in action. He described him as Hispanic. He has already robbed like 10 of the local crew at rm5 for A LOT of $. He hits like 5 cars a day. Bring your keys with you to the beach because if this asshole is watching, he will rob you blind as soon as you paddle out. "---------Mustang---------


Dredgin' Cedar?

Army Corps of Engineers to dredge Fire Island Inlet during off-season, the story was recently reported inNewsday. Sand from inlet to be pumped off nearby beaches to replenish shorelines foreshortened by erosion this past Spring and Winter. Perhaps the veterans can tell us what effect this will have on the breaks. The link here is from a later story - but an earlier story did mention Gilgo as a target beach to also receive replenishment as part of the $100-million project.

7/27/01 Lighting Up the Wind

LILCO I mean LIPA is reportedly considering building windmills off the south shore to harness the wind's energy. With strong opposition to the building of power plants on land, the energy co. is looking to the free source of power we all know so well. A couple of 10.5 sq.m sails and a Starboard Go hooked up to a generator ought to do it. The mills will befar enough offshore not to be an eyesore. but what it will do to the wind field is anyone's guess. Reckon nautical engineer Scotty Furrrr oughta be able to fill us in...more wind or less Scott?

The area east of Fire Island to the tip of the island has been gauged by LIPA as the windiest stretch to exploit.

8/4/01 Loopin Out of the Closet

F-man Rob was recently seen at the end of a sparsely populated 5-10 knot Sunday at heckscher... repeatedly hurling himself in a somersault off his sail less longboard into the drink, and landing on his back. That's dedication for all youze looperz-to-be.

Piping Plover Corner

Plover got a body guard. Step on the little bird brah and you in big trubble bruddah!







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