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The Other Pix


>Domer, Mikedabaker, Lennydasquid, and Brook in their favorite suits

Da Fish

Was this who was bumping your leg in the lineup, while you were surfing your favorite secret spot? Of course, it was either the striper or fisherman and bodysurfer Dave F.

Gotta be one of the larger stripers I've ever seen in western Nassau Co.

The trip from the beach to the back door of the restaurant, and the dinner plate, was short. But the tail was poking out of the cooler. Dave wasn't doing the math. What do you think? 30-35lbs, 35-40lbs? More? DaveF's Striped Pajamas

Frashin' Fish

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Capt. Squid

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red windmobiles

 Squid @ "the duck pond"

Da Life

Surf... Finally"

Getting some is easy, so they say. Get bike, get surf, get wind, get barbecue, get beer, get ... you get it.

Get outside at the OutsideInsideOut Sunset at Gilgo

Hazardous Materials"

CLIMB President Mikedabaker, early trail maintenance, in the water. Run into this on a sunset wave and you and your board are going in different directions for sure. Pieces of shipwreck. Nothing unusual at Stehli or CIB.

Mikedabaker picks some driftwood from the shorebreak


Rocco, Sheila, and Upwind Mike take a Bertha break


Da Windwheels


Skunked -- West Meadow on a " too-warm " Spring NW day


The good thing about branches falling on your windsurfing vehicle during the night is that you know there's a fair chance of wind in the morning -- but make sure your ride is ramtough!