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The Good Karma Sailing Streak

The following you are about to read is true! Since the latter part of July 1998, I have only used my 4.8 sail in powered up conditions. I don’t live on a carribean island, or one of the Hawaiian islands..........I live on Long Island( Lawn Guy Land). I know most people have complained that it wasn’t a good season but I’ve had a great season!

My 4.8 streak started on a windy Sunday July 26th, SW winds with a cold front approaching. I had the day all planned out. My wife was gong to work. I would drop the kids off at Grandma"s house on my way to Hecksher state park.........cool!

I get to Hecksher around 12:30 pm and the wind is disappointing, it’s only blowing 6.0. I figure I’ll rig my 5.4 because it’s supposed to build. I open my van door and horror of horrors! I can’t find my sails!

I forgot to bring my sails! Arrrrrrrrrrg! Maybe I could borrow a sail from someone I think,but as I look around in my van , I start getting a sick feeling in my stomach. I forgot everything! Masts / Booms/ Harness Etc. The only thing I brought was my boards.( I had just surfed for 8 days straight and had just got in the habit of just grabbing my boards and Sex Wax and going surfing.)

Now I’m stressing so much for prior planning! To make matters worse the wind is now building. What do I do? I’m too embarassed to tell anyone the situation I’m in , so I do the only thing a temporarily insane person would do.... I drive back home to retreive the forgotten gear. It winds up taking one and a half hours round trip.

Meanwhile back at Hecksher Phil and Lenny thought I had left to do some ocean sailing at Cedar Beach ( yeah, I wish). So they split to the ocean and I heard they had an epic time. I finally get back to Hecksher and the wind had filled in to 4.8 powered up conditions. I sailed till sunset. The next week my family ( the family includes 5 kids) and I rented a house in Avon , North Carolina. I figured there would’nt be any wind on Cape Hatteras in August. Boy was I wrong. There was a low pressure system sitting off the coast, pumping in a steady northeast wind. Very unusual for this time of the year, I had heard.

Early every morning I surfed at the frisco pier. The waves were waist to chest high with light off shore winds and no crowds.

Every afternoon the winds would pick up. I passed by Canadian Hole I saw people out on big sails and no white caps. I drove to Frisco and found this place just south of the pier, on the soundside. It was all white caps, a northeast wind was cranking at 18 -26mph, and nobody was out! I rigged my 4.8 sail ( remember the 4.8 sail? that’s the whole point of this story.) I carefully made a few runs, mapping out the low spots and found the deep water. Screaming flat water runs followed by chop hops out in the channel. After about two hours of this I decided to walk across the highway and check out the ocean. What an awesome sight! As Austin Powers would say: " YEAH BABY ". Side off shore winds, a chest high swell, and 4 windsurfers out ripping it.

It was the first time I was able to windsurf ocean waves with offshore winds in my 5 year career as a windsurfer. I could now apply my 24 years of surfing knowledge to windsurfing. It was wierd looking at the wave through the sail window but it was way better than the usual on shore mush I’ve grown accustomed to. I’m glad other people were out otherwise I would’nt have ventured out by myself.

This went on for four days straight! Luckily Things calmed down and the sun came out otherwise there was going to be a "Muitiny On The Bounty". My wife threatened to never come to Hatteras again. A compromise was made and paradise was restored.

Back in N.Y., lucky for me I have a job with very flexible hours, and it helps if your boss is a windsurfer. He understands when " I gotta go".

September and October were filled with windy days but they all seemed to be during the week. That’s fine with me because I was working on my boss’s beachfront cottage, I only had to make sure that I was back by 3:00pm to pickup my kids from school. More than once I had to dash into the school still in my wetsuit, because I was late.(whats up with those zippers across the back of your shoulders anyway?) All those days were 4.8 winds fully powered up! This was starting to get freaky. How long could this go on?

The streak was finally broken after two days of 4.8 winds, a thursday and friday. It was monday November 2, 1998. The winds were 14 - 18mph with occasional gusts to 20mph. I left work at 12:00pm. I rigged my 6.7 sail for the first time in months. I was a little disappointed to end my 4.8 streak, but as I powered up, planed-off and hopped some chop, I thought: what a way to go. I also would like to mention that the only board I have is a 95 liter Bic Tempo. ONE SAIL, ONE BOARD, ONE FIN, ONE GOD, ONE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!