Evolution, Journey and Destination

h2omen is dedicated to the local windsurfer, surfer, kiteboarder -- and other folk who enjoy the feel, stoke, artful grace and power of a board or similar object gliding over and carving through the water under natural power...

And everything it takes to make it happen -- the gear the weather, the wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, parents, kids, cars, trucks, planes, organizations, and uncountable Advil quick-gels, rolls of film and duct tape.

A special thank you goes out to the beachgoers, baymen, tow-truck drivers, coastguards, parks police, and shoreline devotees who find enjoyment, peace, whatever, watching us, unheard mostly from the water's edge. We appreciate your presence through the early morns, gales, sunsets and raging noreasters. You come, you watch for a while, and our show goes on. We wouldn't even think of missing a session because of free agency, there are no "owners lockouts" (only beach access issues, maybe) or players strikes. And usually the seats are free--enjoy the entertainment!

Although the resources currently available to this site are relatively few (and technology partners are welcome to make inquiries) the stoke behind it is many years in the brewing...

I hope you will want to share your stoke with us, your journey, and your local destination

and enjoy the evolution of this site.



Averaging 36,000 / month and rising. We have some wild months where we get 60,000 plus hits that throw the graph thru a loop, but the long term trend is a nice gradual rise.