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    Generally, it lasts about 2 weeks. It spreads because you have urushiol oil on various parts of your body. Where you have a higher concentration of this oil, it will tend to show up first and be more severe. Possible ways to get rid of it depend on if the oil has bonded to your skin. The oil can bond as quickly as 15 min. After it bonds, there is very little that can be done other than a new product called 'Zanfel' which can still wash away the oil or use prescription products that attempt to supress the body's immune system and block the T-cell receptors from over reacting ... if the oil hasn't fully bonded yet... try rubbing alcohol, water, tecnu or other remedies listed as the oil can be washed away before it bonds. You are just trying to remove the oil from the skin. The more oil you remove the less severe the reaction usually is. If you begin to itch, you can try some of the remedies listed in the cures web page above which should help. This was hard to explain quickly.
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    zanfel Comes very highly recommended [product website]


    teclabsinc ("After you ride, you apply this lotion, wash it off with cold, soapy water, and then shower.") --Halo


    press release ("You have to use the product within hours of getting PI in order to stop the ureshol from spreading, but it really does work." ) --Carlita A free brochure titled "Facts & Fiction About Poison Oak & Ivy" is available by calling Tec Labs at 1-800-ITCHING. Visit www.teclabsinc.com for more information on preventing and treating poison oak and ivy and where to purchase IvyStat.


    ("A clear drying agent. Helps with the itch and healing." ) --sc204