Heck 5-1-04


The haute cuisine appetizers that Lauralee so generously shared at Heck were just the ticket for an extended session -- thanks again very much LL! (PS. I did

get in trouble with my local PETA rep, but I swore it was the first time I'd partaken of such contraband in years, so my punishment was merely to sleep on the porch. ;-)


If you wanted smooth instead of crunchy peanut butter, and who can blame you, not me, I think you were most likely best off where you were... even tho Heck was maybe a little windier.


I just badly wanted some time in a place with a bit more wind so I could sail a smaller turnier board and a lighter handling sail (5.3). And who knows maybe even throw in

the challenge of the dirt trail and pot-holed Heckscher jibe. Oddly the vintage beat up old school Axxis 260 with it's constant curve rocker line, deep vee, and dual

concave seems to minimize or maybe even optimize the "mogul effect" at a place like Dreckscher.


Stan (5.4) was on his little Proof, Frank (5.8), Ira, Irene, Joe Rocco on his Dill, a young bloke doing Spock-Vulcans [who wasn't Mike or Kenny], Terminator Bruce, F-man Rob, Alan from Oz and some less familair faces were it. With the various re-riggings and

latecomer / early shifts there were rarely more than 5 people on the water at a time.


Stan was in rare dry humor form and always present at my most embarrassing moments with comments like "what are you doing, going for a swim?" and "what the heck do you call that maneover?"


That said, I'm about ready for a change of venue once the effects of yesterday wear off. In the UK it was what they call a "bog standard" (ie average) day, which kind of takes on a new meaning at the sewer doesn't it?




Wind line hit the shore at 4:15 PM like clockwork. (not merely coincidentally it took some of the heavy cloud cover to clear the Heck for it to get going.) Intermittent cloud cover pretty much prevented it from building, or really going off, which it had shown signs of doing around 4:45 ish. Took the 'vintage' Axxis 260 out of mothballs and was reintroduced to the idea of user-friendly. 



Heck 4-29-04

IWS, forecasts wind to redline from 4-6 pm


(Heck is like a bitch in heat right now, as long as the clouds stay away!)


Great to see everybody yesterday and catch Heck on its best behavior, quite a tasty setup for rampage at Honksher while the tide was still low.


Kevin, Looked like you were more than pleased with that fast little AHD 259 wave, did you tell Barney (dog) all about it on the way home?


Lenny, thanks again for the old Seatrend, it still rocks, and Chuck for the back strap converter that made it possible to convert the dual/assymetric setup to a single strap. It was nice to be finally dialled in on a little stick with enough wind to use it.


Squid I saved your old footstraps in case you want to frame them! Looking forward to getting you back on the water soon.


Loved this day. Dialled in most of the time. Some nice slashes, some big air, all the ingredients for fun except smooth jibeatoriums.



West Neck  4-27-04


Uh oh! Cold, gloves, hood, gusty, holey. Rigged a 5.5 should have rigged a 6.1.

Geaorge was ripping like the Energizer Bunny. We’d both been powered when I hit the water, but the wind backed off and my sail was no longer big enough.  Tried to schlog thru a few lulls with dismal results. Jill was in the same boat as me.

Wind filled in again later and 5.5 was OK except there was a real tendency to drop downwind ,which didn’t make sense since I had a pretty large 10.5” fin on. Oh well, chalk that one up in the practise session ledger.