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A Good






I finally got to Bayville’s Stelhi beach and everyone was already there, including "the mystery sailor"

A Good Deed (Second Chance)

It was a Sunday Nov. 15th and it was windy! I figured I have plenty of time. I make everyone at home my famous blueberry apple oat bran pancakes. I keep poking my head out the door...hmmmmmm... it’s still windy looks like it’s even building a little. I’ve got plenty of time.....gasp.... then I realize it’s daylight savings time! The sun is going down at 4:42pm. I start to do some mental math, 20 minutes to load up the van, 20 minutes to drive to Bayville. I want to windsurf for at least 6hours and it’s 11:15am. You get the deal. Now I’m stressing!! It’s warm out(60’). The water’s warm (52’). It’s a Sunday, which means I don’t have to sail with a watch to know when to quit to pick up the kids from school. I start rushing around, pack my stuff... so long kids I wont be back till after sunset.

So I’m cruising down the road listening to reggae music almost at the beach when all of a sudden, I see a woman with a flat tire. I instinctively brake and start pulling over because I always like to stop and help. Then the little man inside my head says: “ hey you idiot we are losing valuable time here. The wind might shut down in an hour or two. The sun ain’t gonna stay up forever. You could be jumpin ’n’ jibin right now.” Reluctantly...... I pulled away. I know it was a bad thing to do. So.... to that blonde haired woman with the flat tire, who smiled as I slowed down.... I’m sorry for not stopping but I’m sure someone came to your aide.

Well I finally got to Bayville’s Stelhi beach and everyone was already there. It was a rigging frenzy. I was on my 4.8 sail all day till sunset. The wind was 17-22mph more or less all day. The stoke meter was registering full!! After derigging I noticed an extra mast and boom under my van that were’nt mine. Everyone had already left. I figured it must have been the guy who was parked next to me. He was long gone. Amazingly I remembered seeing his name stenciled on his trailer and luckily his number was listed in the phone book. I called him and left a message. He greatly appreciated the call. I greatly appreciated the beer he dropped off, and the flowers for my wife, when he picked up his gear. So how’s that for good deed karma? One deed denied...... so I was given another. I encourage everyone to be good deed doers, it will be good for your karma.

--Mike, we're waiting on the famous blueberry pancakes next time we see you at the beach--phlyz